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What is Mencircle?

Mencircle (also known as MCC)  is the leading pinoy gay online community in the Philippines featuring pinoy gay stories and helpful gay related articles plus live video chat room.

Mencircle aims to provide a venue for conversation and exchange of ideas among its members, providing a venue for friendship, a sense of community, and a sounding board for opinions and concerns of gay men regarding the current issues and trends facing not just the LGBT people, but society in general.

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History of Mencircle

Mencircle (formerly Mensexret), founded by Menver Castro, started on webs.com bearing the name Mensexret or Men's Sexual Secrets on September 25, 2010, and moved to Blogger on November 2, 2011. Mensexret added a Chatango chatbox on December 17, 2011 and followed the Tokbox live video chat on April 26, 2012. It became popular with its abbreviation MSR in the third quarter of 2012.

MSR experienced its first blog deletion on January 3, 2012. It became a domain on July 29, 2012, with its new domain address, mensexret.net.

MSR held the first event on January 27, 2013, an outing in Anawangin Cove Zambales attended by 10 participants, sponsored by a chatter from Korea named Drei.

The site was renamed from Mensexret to Mencircle on September 23, 2013 with its new domain address mencircle.com, and it is now known as MCC. The abbreviation MCC comes from the first letter of each syllables of the name Mencircle.

The second event on January 25, 2014 was the first grand eyeball held in Pansol Calamba Laguna, attended by 45 participants and sponsored by chatters from different countries.

The third event was held on November 28, 2015, a second Grand Eyeball held in Imus, Cavite, sponsored by various supporters from different countries.

Mencircle changed the video chat platform to Tinychat on February 22, 2015, when Tokbox pulled out the free live video chat.

Mencircle's chat room had been on hiatus for a year in 2019 when Tinychat started asking for payment subscriptions in the first quarter of the said year.

The COVID-19 pandemic started in the first quarter of 2020 when Menver Castro tried looking for a new platform to revive the chat room. On April 16, 2020, Menver tried using the 8x8 video meeting app as a replacement for Tinychat. He invited Bankio, Stan, and Balde to test the platform, but it is in a development stage. Later on, he discovered a better platform named Jumpinchat and transferred on May 30, 2020.

After almost 9 months using the Jumpinchat platform, Mencircle's chat room returned to Tinychat on February 21, 2021, paying a monthly gold subscription as Jumpinchat announced that their platform would shut down on March 2, 2021.

On January 1, 2022, Mencircle migrated its video chat room to 8x8 Meetings with the link room.mencircle.com or https://8x8.vc/mencircle/mcc.

After more than a year, Mencircle transferred from 8x8 to Stumblechat on March 2, 2023.

Mencircle is currently the only active Filipino gay chat room that can be visited through chat.mencircle.com.